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Due to limited supply, long waiting periods on delivery and most of all, high cost, Picko started developing their own briquette machine since 2008. With our machines doing 16-24 hours a day, we had the environment to extensively develop a machine that is rugged and reliable, with spare parts and replacement segments readily available at a fraction of the costs.

New pocket shape and sizing designs are easy to obtain and we make use of 3D printing technology to design and manufacture patterns that are used to cast the segments. Segments are made of a very hard alloy that was developed in a manganese and chrome production environment for maximum durability.
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Mixing technology header
As a result of the low binder dosage that Picko use in their process, we make use of high energy batching mixers to ensure proper mixing. 

Picko is continually improving the design and functionality of the mixers to suit the client's needs.
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Lab scale briquetting machines header
Picko has developed their own Lab-scale briquette machine with a different approach in design and technology in order to improve ergonomics and maintenance expectancies of the machine. This machine will form part of our product range in different output specifications in the near future.
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Modular Plants Header
Pilot scale Header
With an output of 2-4 tons per hour, it is ergonomically designed to be able to easily add or change equipment to streamline the development stages of a agglomeration project.
Full scale Header
Our full scale modular plant was developed up to the highest international standards. It has an output of up to 25 tons per hour. It's main focus is to have the smallest possible footprint,  ensuring the least civil works and roof covering.
Plant modifications and upgrades Header
Picko can provide a service to optimize existing plants
Jigging technologies Header
Picko have maintained and operated a jigging plant since 2010. We have access to complete operational jigging plants designs.
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