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We provide end to end solutions to the clients needs and our main focus is to re-work by-products and environmental waste into useable and saleable products. We specialise in agglomeration of manganese, chrome, iron, coke, coal and fluorspar fines.
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 Reducing furnace energy consumption and improved efficiency
Improves the reductant yields
More economical and cheaper raw materials can be utilized
Reduces and even eliminate environmental impact footprint

Our safety management systems and operation are of a high standard and conform to all ISO standards. Picko’s managers have extensive experience with safe full scale and pilot operations in pelletizing, briquetting, jigging, screening and crushing. Picko is a Level 7 BBBEE company.

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We stay committed to finding complete long-term solutions.

Picko is a leader in the study and development of binders for agglomeration purposes. We have been developing a wide variety of binders for various applications.

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 Building long term trust relationships with clients 
 Continuous quality improvement
We diligently work on solutions

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